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Hadar, Beta Centauri Love is the essence of Life and Creation.  "The planet Hadar's hallmark throughout this universe is that it has been deemed the plant of divine love. This frequency of divine Love in our human experience feels like the beauty and grace and abundance of divine heart connection and the sacred nature of communion with the beloved.


Meditation: Visualize royal blue light entering the top of your head (crown chakra) and then flowing outward from your open heart. Visualize royal blue light surrounding you, your loved ones, and everyone on this planet. Visualize royal blue light healing and protecting you in all ways. Visualize royal blue healing everything and everyone. The blue light is connected to this star.

 Hadarian Starseeds

​Hadarian Starseeds carry the essence of divine love which holds the Galaxies together, and is lacking here on planet earth, people are desperately looking for this. Hadarians are experts on manifestation and possess great wisdom and knowledge that is lacking on earth. Hadarians have the ability to influence events in our world through thoughts and emotions. Hadarians are believed to be responsible for guiding Humanitarians evolution.

This article discusses some of the characteristics that you may notice if you are LUCKY enough to meet a Hadarian. I now do readings with energy healing and teaching tools it;s listed on my schedulity under Starseed Readings. https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/THT69U/services

  • High frequency Ecstasy Love

  • Experience Ecstasy Love if connected to there soul hertigage.

  • They often have a deep connection to nature.

  • It is not uncommon for them to be more in touch with their intuition and emotions than others.

  • If they are awoken, it can take a while for them to feel like themselves as they go through an adjustment period.

  • This makes them powerful healers, but also very sensitive people who need protection.

  • Possess the soul gift of Divine Love. They love to heal people

  • They love to explore

  • They are quite confident in their ability

  • Many of these Star-seeds are empathy and telepathic.

  • They are very creative and live from the Heart

  • They have a good sense of humor

  • Can be spontaneous

  • Adventurous

  • Sometimes can be impatient

  • Don’t like being pushed to their limit

  • Hadarian's have an innate sense of forgiveness which comes from their understanding that we are all imperfect beings

  • Another ability Hadarian's possess is that they can help the earth heal with their gifts of healing and energy, as well as helping others to heal themselves by giving them, unconditional love.

     The Hadarian's are the rarest of all the Star-seed types. These souls are born with an innate          understanding and ability to use energy from other dimensions in a way that is not possible    for any other type. They Advanced Souls that carry the Creator Divine Love Frequency. They are EXTREMELY porous. They feel everything and everyone ALL the time. Because they're highly telepathic and in their home planet there was no reason to hide, they don't realize that here the rules are very different! By opening themselves up, they are taking in the energies of the other person. Setting healthy boundaries is very important!

  1. It can be very overwhelming to them yet because they have the love energy inside of them, they're willing to continue to give to the point of exhaustion and oftentimes death.

  2. As a Hadarian remember that you are the only beings that hold this energy. If you “feel” everything here, you're feeling all the different energy choices that have been made. Many of them are dark and heavy. Walk away. Take care your mind and especially your body!

  3.  It's important to clear your energy field and recharge.

  4. Hadarians value connection and co-creating. 

  5. Setting healthy boundaries with people.

  6. Discerning with Love relationships,  No energy vampires!

  7. Hadarians carry the essence of divine love which holds the Galaxies together, and is lacking here on planet earth, people are desperately looking for this energy people often cord into our energy field. It's important to cut cords, some people 4 times a day.

  8. Hadarians are playful and creative and live from the heart. Love is a creative energy, important to get creative.

  9. It's important to reconnect to love and feed our heart chakras.

  10. We need to clear contracts that enslave us.

  11. Developing our psychic center, 6th chakra & discernment

  12. Expanding our field and connecting to the Hadarian realm and zero field.

  13. Connecting with the Angels of Love, The Angels of Divine Love and Romance Angels/

  14. Working with crystals that align with Divine Love can feel like home and shield from negative energies. Rose Quartz, Morganite, Watermelon Tourmaline, Pink Calcite, Pink Halite, Ajoite, Tugtupite, Kunzite,  Star of Venus, Opals. Hyalite Opals, White Opals, and pink and blue opals.

  15. Flowers Baby Breathe, Pink Roses. Red Roses Forget me nots, Lily of the Valley, Bleeding Hearts.

  16.  Getting regular body work and energy healing.

  17.  Music especially following songs that will align you with Hadarian soul essence. All John Denver music He was Hadarian especially  "A song for all Lovers", "Take me Home" "Annies Song", "Perhaps Love, Blake Shelton's "Home" Kenny Logans "Celebrate Me Home" David Cassidy "I Think I Love you" Strengthen my Love, Crazy Love, I woke up in Love this morning. Paul McCartney is also a Hadarian.

  18. Energy sprays based in Love, "Venus Love water" or Kuan Yins by Gypsy Goddess, DIVINE LOVE Roll-On Oil by Gypsy Goddess  https://www.etsy.com/listing/204447943/venus-love-water-by-gypsy-goddess?ref=shop_home_active_6

  19. Phyllis Lights Personal Rejunvenizer Pendants.

  20. Starlight Energy frequencies.

22.  Lightwave Healings

23.  Drinking water infused with Love, Angelic Joy, Miracle Structured Water, 24. Soaking in the mineral Hot Springs.

24.  Angelic Blessed Waters www.alcemicalmage.com - Angelic Kiss, Fire On Purpose, Love waters.

Coming for a hands on session massage and energy healing sessions with me!

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