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I noticed that I feel lighter and clearer longer after a healing session with Lynn. Since I started wearing the Personal Rejuvenizer I don't get stuck on negative thoughts, that would dragged me down and cause self sabotage. Normally, my anxiety would accumulate over time and drag me down, making me feel more negative. Between Lynn's energy clearing sessions and the Personal Rejunvenizer I am feeling positive, much happier, more present, and able to enjoy life more.


Our home is noticeably less stressful since we placed the Indoor Rejuvenizers around the home and on the electrical panel! In addition, I also order a couple of months of Lynn's Distant Healing Services. Everybody in the house is alot calmer and we are all sleeping better,not only do I feel better, but I can absolutely say that thoughts are clearer, ease of verbal expression... it all feels really wonderful!

Shortly after a Reiki Healing Massage Session with Lynn and purchasing a Personal Rejuvenizer, I went out with a man I had been seeing, and he said, "You look prettier and younger than I've ever seen you look."  I noticed this everytime I get a session, I feel and look 10 years younger. I think the pendant is magical and enhances this.


My wife and I have been very worried about our seven-year old daughter who says she hates school, never wants to go, and continually refuses to do her homework. We got her a Personal Rejuvenizer, and right away, she started becoming more comfortable with school, and we've noticed a significant improvement in her attitude and behavior. The teachers saw a  positive

change in her!

My daughter was feeling like he was getting sick so I loaned her my Rejuvenizer Pendant, she immediately started to feel better, I let her keep it on her for a couple days. She got better but I really noticed the difference in not wearing mine. I just bought her one for Christmas and placing it on her picture til she can wear it.


You can place the Rejunvenizer on a loved ones picture and the energy is transmitted to them. Many clients do this for their husbands, sons and seen huge improvements.

Picture of the Personal Rejunvenizer Pendants and Indoor Rejunvenizer and more Info here: https://www.thehealingtouchmassage.com/personal-rejuvenizer-5g-protect

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