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How Can My Family and I Benefit from Energy Healing?

After years of helping a wide variety of people around the world, I am convinced that almost everyone on this planet can benefit from energy healing. But I also feel that people have "healing styles" as well as learning styles and that we each are energetically unique and we respond differently to energy healing techniques.


Distant  Energetic Support

Can't get in for a Reiki massage?

I offer powerful etheric assistance to help lift all areas of our life.  Sending positive energy and higher octaves of Love, Reiki and a Lightwave Blessing. 3 times a week, Monday Wednesday and Friday. Usually in the Morning, or if you prefer a different time let me know. Cutting etheric cords to other people draining you and clearing mental trash and other peoples energies. Creating angelic shields, filters for protection.   Helps support people going through relationships stress, job stress, sleep issue, or just need an energy boost. All I need the

person's full birth name and birth date and what the issue is.

Emailed to me. At GotLightEnergy@gmail.com.

 All of this for $99 for One Person 30 days

 Monthly Energetic Support Subscription. 






2 Weeks od Distant Angelic Heart Star Reiki Healing

 Distance healing, also called “absent healing,” is a way for a Reiki practitioner to channel Reiki or other healing energy to anyone, anywhere in the world. Healing energy is not bound by the laws of time and space, and does not need travel time. It arrives at its destination immediately, directed by the intention of the practitioner. 3 mornings during the week I send energies to heal a specific issue. 2 weeks  $55


Reiki Healing Massage

A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Many have reported miraculous results.  Combined Reiki with Massage in areas that have blocked energy or pain. Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being. I am a Reiki Master Teacher through Usui Reiki I  am attuned to 4 different Reiki modalities, Shambala Reiki, Angelic Heart Star Reiki and Mariel Reiki.


Total Energy Clearing Session with Massage.   Having troubles sleeping, lacking energy, feeling out of sorts? Receive a  complete cleansing and repairing of spiritual, etheric, mental, emotional, physical bodies.  Core Fear removal program, removing etheric toxic debris, astral entities, neg implants, psychic attack, negative projected thought forms, judgement, releasing blocks, distortions, cords, hooks, energies that are not yours.  Experience profound peace
This clearing removes other people's negative energy, Releasing blocks to manifesting.

Replacing it with peace, joy, love and radiance and a stronger connection to your higher self and guardian angels.

The awareness of the Higher Self, as the Higher Aspect of who we truly are, beyond our personality self, has been known throughout the ages. Many saints and sages have spent lifetimes using meditation, yoga, prayer and seclusion to accomplish this. !

When you are connected with your Higher Self, you will:

  • Feel balanced and centered so external events hardly affect you

  • Clear away stress, pain, trauma and emotional charges

  • Experience synchronicity and manifest things more quickly

  • Eliminate an overactive mind and mental chatter

  • Gain access to wisdom beyond your conscious understanding

  • Enjoy newfound freedom in Being Yourself

  • Deepen your relationship with God/All-That-Is


 94.% clients  said "Life Got Better" … like Sara M. who said, "I'm calmer, happier, clearer...I'm a different person...."Gratitude & Love for this POWERFUL RESET! 

 $100 per session or 3-pack 75 min $265

75 min. $100    



Lightwave Energy Healing takes energy medicine to the next level! This new, powerful technology from the Stars, developed by Bryan de Flores, was created to work in harmony with our natural biological systems to help upgrade the physical, mental and emotional bodies, enfolding us in frequencies that support our life journey.  Lightwave works in conjunction with our Higher Selves to make changes where necessary, by infusing a wide diversity of multidimensional frequencies that will balance the chakras, the elementals, and awaken our multi-dimensional system to allow us to connect with all the assistance that is there for us.  A number of additional frequencies intuitively selected are infused, together with any additional work that comes to light during a session.  As well as these frequency infusions, healing code symbols flow in, through and around, working specifically for each individual as needed. Because Lightwave works so quickly, a large number of frequencies can be infused into a person's energy field and integrated during a session.  To an Lightwave session in person or by telephone.  75 min Session $100.   


I am FREE!! Supercharged Wow!! Wow Wow!!! I feel so light! I had chills during this super-charge session.  I look younger and have a glow!  


Angelic Joy & Hope

 I am  a channel for the healing angels. I have been working with these divine beings since childhood.

Theses Healing Angels:  provide general healing
provide energetic balance at all levels provide energetic clearance – to remove other peoples energies and unwanted energetic chords
raise your vibration – to amplify your awareness of spiritual realities 
align you spiritually – to help you create a balance between Earthly awareness (being grounded) and spiritual awareness such as being aware of unseen spiritual realities of guides, energies and spiritual dimensions of consciousness
ground you – to help return your energies and awareness to your human experience
help you to integrate recent spiritual and energetic changes – to help this process to be quicker and more graceful!. These Angels will infuse you with the 9th Ray of Joy.


​-- Client Testimonial: "Thank you for your Angel Therapy. Your messages were very helpful and I could feel the unconditional love of the angels. The healing powers of your work are phenomenal. I am so grateful."





Am I A Starseed

This is an email reading if you are a Starseed, What planet you are from. Your Seul Proclamations, Soul Gifts, Soul Mission, Do you have a being Mission or a doing Mission. .Archangel Realm you work with and Soul Challenges

































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